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COVID-19 Response

Following COVID-19 Guidelines

Hello, I am sure many of you have experienced some of the same feelings that I have over the last couple weeks, including uncertainty, fear, and frustration, to name a few. These all seem appropriate since most of us in the United States have never lived through something quite like this. Furthermore, each role we play in life brings its own set of worries. As a father, I know that my kids are scared so my wife and I are trying to provide strong leadership at home to ease their anxiety about the unknown. As a small business owner, every day is a changing environment as new information and recommendations become available. As a cyclist and a bike shop owner, I am also acutely aware that, in a time of social distancing, bikes are going to be a form of comfort and relief for many of us. They are gym membership replacements, transportation, and a relatively safe form of recreation for families.

I want to take this opportunity to assure you that we plan to continue helping you with this important source of relief and recreation in the immediate future. As we transition into this phase of being adaptive, however, we are following all guidelines from the state government and CDC on how to proceed. This will likely mean a reduction in store hours, but we will be available for appointments, can provide a virtual shopping experience by phone and web, and will have delivery and mobile service options in order to meet your needs. In the store, we are increasing cleaning in “high touch areas.” Relatedly, we are going to suspend accepting cash as a form of payment, cleaning the credit card terminal after each transaction, and our mechanics are wearing disposable rubber gloves during service. If your bike is in our shop for service and you want to have the smallest social footprint when picking it up, call in your payment over the phone prior to coming down for pick up. We are also happy to meet you in the parking lot to receive and handoff your bike. Just give us a call and we can discuss the best option for your situation.

One thing that is unique about bike shops is that they are a high engagement, low volume retail experience. We want to maintain this great experience to the degree possible, and I am confident that if we take the steps outlined above and respect each other’s personal space when we are interacting face to face we can all hold onto a small bit of normalcy. Please know that I am making these decisions based on what I feel are the best current actions to fulfill my responsibility to my family, this community, my customers, and my employees.

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